Welcome to Gamgard V3.1

Gamgard objectively applies psychology to game design, balancing the fun and excitement of a game with a responsible level of risk. Used by gaming operators, gambling regulators and game developers world-wide for over 10 years.

Effectiveness of Gamgard confirmed by University of Ottawa evaluation study

Why use Gamgard?
World-Leading Standards
  • Recognised by the WLA as meeting level IV RG standards
  • Evidence-based by applying up-to-date research knowledge
  • Developed by leading reserachers in the field
Build Smarter & Safer
  • Balance fun with risk and identify issues before a game is launched
  • Ensure that all games go through the same objective and documented process
  • Avoid punitive repercussions resulting from overly risky game development
Promotes Responsible Gambling
  • Responsible game design is the foundation of a good responsible gaming strategy
  • Helps train staff to understand key responsible gaming principles
  • Maintain player trust and company integrity
What our customers think?
Gamgard is part of the Positive Play initiative